Trade Show Marketing Section

Trade show displays and display materials for use at trade shows. That includes popup displays and banner stands, vinyl banners and roll up displays, including tabletop trade show displays and hanging banners. Banners are very versatile and we offer the lowest price banners anywhere. Full color banners shipped across North America. Stunning trade show graphics for popup displays and trade show events.  Trade Show Graphics, Oversize display materials, Popup Displays, Retractable Displays, Bannerstands, Blowups, Mounts, Vinyl Banners. Vinyl Graphics, self-adhesive graphics, floor graphics, point of purchase display materials. is a member of the network of websites. Beautiful vinyl banners printed with full color outdoor resistant printing. Include photographs, logos, special artwork. Banners shipped across North America. Custom Banners are ideal for many trade show applications, as well as special events, indoor backdrops, or to cover old outdated signs. Member of the Linknet Network.

Vinyl banners are great for all kinds of applications both indoors and outdoors. you can even use them as fund raisers.  Articles, tips, product reviews for Trade Show and Event Marketers. Trade Show displays and portable displays for event marketers, sales professionals, trade show exhibitors, event presenters. is a member of the network of websites.
RSS feed: Beautiful vinyl banners printed with full color outdoor resistant printing. Include photographs, logos, special artwork. Banners shipped across North America. Since they are lightweight and very flexible, they can be easily rolled and unrolled, and can be used for many years. Member of the Linknet network.  Up to 50% off all kinds of portable Trade Show Displays. Products are shipped across North America. Trade Show products include PopUp Displays, Bannerstands, Jiffyroll (retractable bannerstands), Vinyl Banners, and Duralex Trade Show Graphics. Order trade show display products online.

Web Marketing Section

Promote your website, get links, exchange for links, buy advertising, integrate audio and video into your websites, create a web promotion strategy that will get traffic. Use blogs to effectively promote your site. The Search Engines like blogs because they contain fresh content, are updated regularly, are keyword-rich, have lots of links, and are formatted in a very readable way.

The Linknet Network - provides targeted advertising opportunities for specific market segments. All pages are content-rich, search engine optimized for specific topics, and extensively linked. Sections include Real Estate, Mortgages, Golf, Small Business Opportunities, Trade Show Marketing, Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, and many more. There are currently about 25 web sites in the Linknet Network.

Website and Product Reviews -  features Product Feature Pages — pages dedicated to descriptions or reviews of  products or websites. Product Feature Pages are linked from at least 5 blogs, and each Product Feature Page will be included in a "Reviews of the Week" feature posted at at least 10 high traffic article and announcement sites. is a member of the Linknet Network of websites.

Getting Website Traffic  - Articles, reviews, products and programs dealing with generating website traffic. A self-serve Article Publishing, Article Distribution and Article Archiving resource. This site is for marketers wanting information about increasing website traffic, link exchange, search engine marketing, advertising, and more. is part of the Linknet network of websites.

Website Promotion and Advertising Strategies - Practical information and solutions for promoting your product or service on the web. Original articles about marketing, search engine strategies, linking, and online advertising alternatives. Linknet Advertising Products include free text links and low cost multiple link packages.

Publishing material online is one of the best ways to get yourself known and to create inbound links to your site. You can publish articles, posts, self-promotions on hundreds of sites just crying out for readable content.

Publishing Articles, Ezines and Ebooks - This site contains information about getting published — submission of articles, photographs, ebooks, and other special features for a growing number of online publications. is a member of the network of websites.

Self-Serve Article Publishing - Article Distribution and Article Archiving resource. This site is for marketers needing a resource for Web Promotion, Self Promotion, Article Archiving and Distribution, Product Announcements, Exchanging Links, and more. is a member of the sbo-linknet network.  - Advice, tips and articles about web design, website building, website optimization, search engine optimization. Website templates and turnkey business sites. is a member of the Linknet network of websites.

Online Audio and Video Techniques - Articles, reviews, opinion pieces, and tips covering Online Video and Audio, Streaming Media, Flash Presentations, and Streaming Technology. Demos and production techniques, as well as applications to marketing and content creation. is a member of the Linknet network of websites. - Product reviews, downloads and descriptions of free web tools for website owners, webmasters, internet entrepreneurs, and web marketers. is part of the Linknet network of websites.

Online training resources and information - Site provides a number of basic training courses, as well as articles and demos of online technology that is used for training purposes. Links to training resources, and "how-to" articles to help in the development of your own corporate and institutional training programs. is a member of the Linknet network of websites.

Golf Website Section

Golf travel and golf history, golf articles and golf destinations, reviews of golf courses and overviews of golf instruction. We even have a number of golf blogs which we use to promote golf websites.

The Weekend Golfer  - The Weekend Golfer contains articles and commentary of interest to "weekend golfers". Reviews of various classical instructional pieces and overviews of classic golfers like Moe Norman, Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus, and many others, too numerous to mention (mostly because they haven't been thought about yet.)

Golf Travel and Golf Destinations  - Amost anywhere in the world is perfect for a golf holiday, but some places are more perfect than others. This site is about some of the most perfect golfing places in the world. Member of the Linknet Network.

Internet Golf - Original articles, reviews, opinion pieces, and tips covering Golf Instruction, Golf Books, Golf Equipment, and Golf Travel. If you are involved with golf, addicted to golf,  have a passion for golf, or are just marginally interested in golf, then this golf website will have information of interest to you. is part of the Linknet network of websites.

Real Estate Section  - Looking to rent or purchase a cottage or summer home in Canada? You've come to the right place. We have valuable background information on cottage areas throughout Canada and tell you what to look for in a summer home. Cottage and summer home sale and rental listings. is a member of the Linknet network of websites.  - The official website of Scott Miller, Re/Max Real Estate Representative for the area of  Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Scott works out of the RE/MAX Real Estate Centre at 720 Westmount Road East, Kitchener, Ontario.  is a member of the Real Estate Radio Network, and of the SBO-Linknet Network.

This is a rapidly expanding section dedicated to real estate sales, real estate agents, mortgage information, real estate listings, real estate information for various parts of the world.  - For sale by owner (FSBO) allows homeowners to advertise and sell their homes without using a real estate agent. offers a complete FSBO service for people across Canada interested in a for sale by owner service. provides online listings, virtual tours, high quality for sale signs, toll free telephone support for interested purchasers, as well as a money-back guarantee. is a member website of the Linknet Network of websites.  - provides low cost online plug and play real estate virtual tours. Our virtual tours can be used by real estate agents, or by homeowners using an FSBO service.  Add audio to your home-for-sale virtual tour. Send us your script describing your home and we'll record it for you. - A unique radio-style website that will feature audio (and some audio-video) presentations of various topics of interest to buyers and sellers of real estate. Includes tips on buying and selling, home renovations, evaluating properties, For Sale By Owner information acquiring mortgage financing, and much more.  is a member of the SBO-Linknet Network.

Blog Section and Blogs

Blogs are the best way to get the Search Engines to pay attention to your material. If you have an active blog or blogs -- if you post every day or every few days -- your blog will get spidered very regularly. Often a few times every day. There is no better way to promote your websites than by using blogs and RSS feeds to do it. RSS feeds are a feature of most blogs. You can syndicate your blog content and it can be picked up with feed readers and on websites. - Home of a network of business-oriented blog sites sponsored by and the Linknet network of websites. These blogs deal with marketing, internet marketing, website building and design, and an ever growing number of specialty areas such as real estate, golf, trade show displays, online video and audio tools, and many more.

e_Marketing is another of our primary blogs devoted to marketing topics. It is located at and, like most active blogs is spidered every day by many different spiders.
RSS feed: - More business-oriented blog sites sponsored by and the Linknet network of websites. A growing number of blog sites, each dedicated to a special, narrowly defined business niche.

Inside Real Estate is a blog devoted to Real Estate issues, and is used primarily to support our real estate sites and real estate partners.
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Marketing Bites is one of our primary blogs devoted to marketing topics. It is located on Google's own and is spidered every day. It is an active blog with posts and comments being entered on a daily basis.
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Blogs have become an important part of any website promotion strategy. Blogs are good. They get read. They get spidered. They get spammed. Blogs get the attention of the Search Engines.

The WEG is a Golf blog (WEG = "Weekend Golfer"). It is a very active blog and is used to support our golf sites and golf website partners.
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Trade Show Buzz is a Trade Show and Event Marketing blog. It is used to support our trade show and event sites and website partners.
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