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How often should I take Phase 2?

Phase 2 should be taken before a starch-rich meal. If you eat carbohydrate foods a great deal, then you should consider taking Phase 2 on a regular basis. However, if you only eat starchy meals occasionally, then you will only need to take Phase 2 occasionally.

Can it be taken at any other time?

No, Phase 2 can only have an effect on you when taken prior to the consumption of starch or a starch-rich meal.

How much should I take?

For most people a positive effect can be obtained by taking just one capsule of Phase 2 (500mg). However, for maximum benefit the label on the bottle suggests taking two capsules on each occasion (a total of 1000mg).

Can I take more if I want to?

The suggested dosage is 1000mg, but it's possible that some people may experience additional benefit by taking 1500mg. Since everyone's metabolism and constitution are different, some people may wish to experiment on themselves to find the right level for them.

When should I take it exactly?

We suggest taking Phase 2 about 10 to 15 minutes before eating.

What happens if I'm busy then?

If you're busy at that time or you simply forget to take Phase 2 before your meal, you can always take it along with your food or even immediately after eating, as in these circumstances Phase 2 will still provide you with at least some of its starch neutralising benefits.

How much starch does it block?

The clinical studies conducted on Phase 2 so far show that it reduced starch absorption in the study volunteers by varying amounts, ranging from an average of 28% to an average of 85%.

How much would it block for me?

The amount of starch that may be blocked in any one particular person is something that can't be specified because everyone has their own biochemical identity and their own quantities and strengths of digestive enzymes.

What about the sugar I eat?

Phase 2 prevents some of the starch you eat from being broken down and digested by the body. It has no effect on any sugar that you consume.

How much weight can I lose?

The more carbohydrate foods you tend to consume the greater the benefit you can receive from taking Phase 2. Therefore, those whose diets contain the most starch will tend to be the ones that lose the most weight, whilst those who generally eat starch sparingly will be the ones that lose weight only modestly. Results also depend on the chemistry of an individual's own digestive system and for that reason the effects of Phase 2 will inevitably vary a great deal from person to person.

Can I eat as much starch as I want?

You can eat as much starch as you want and Phase 2 will work to reduce the calorie intake that you receive from it. However, if you use the taking of Phase 2 as an excuse to increase your consumption of carbohydrate foods, then there's a danger that you may only succeed in defeating the object of the exercise.

Can I estimate likely progress?

Phase 2 works by reducing the absorption of calories from starch foods. If you bear in mind that a pound of body fat is the equivalent of about 3500 calories, then you will at least know how many calories you need to reduce absorption by in order to lose a certain amount of weight. For example, a saving of 500 calories a day should translate into a weight loss of a pound in a week.

Is taking this product completely safe?

Yes, it's completely safe. Phase 2 is an entirely natural food substance extracted from the white kidney bean. Clinical studies have reported no adverse side effects.

Are there any known interactions?

There are no known interactions with any foods, drinks, drugs or medications of any kind. However, Phase 2 is not recommended for anyone with an allergy to beans.

What if you have diabetes?

Clinical studies carried out on Phase 2 have shown that taking it before meals results in volunteers having lower blood sugar levels than those taking a placebo. If you are a diabetic, it is therefore recommended that you let your doctor know if you are considering use of Phase 2. It is also important if taking Phase 2 to consider increasing the frequency of blood glucose monitoring in order to prevent any possibility of hypoglycemia.

Can it be taken when pregnant?

Reducing your calorie intake during pregnancy is generally not recommended.

Does it affect vitamins or minerals?

No, Phase 2 only affects the body's absorption of starch. It does not have any effect on vitamins or minerals or any other nutrients.

Are the beans genetically modified?

No, Phase 2 is extracted from white kidney beans which have not been genetically modified.

Is anything else taken from the kidney bean?

No, nothing else is used from the kidney bean except the Phase 2 extract.

Are there any other ingredients?

Phase 2 contains a trace amount of magnesium stearate, a natural anti-caking agent commonly used in nutritional supplements. The only other ingredient used is the capsule material which is gelatin.

Why the name Phase 2? What happened to Phase 1?

The full and proper name of the substance extracted from the white kidney bean is Phaseolamin 2250. Phase 2 is just an abbreviated form of that name.

Is there any purer form of Phase 2?

No, Phase 2 is a single substance, extracted and purified exclusively by Pharmachem Laboratories, Inc. It is made to the highest standards and no purer or higher quality form of Phase 2 could possibly exist.


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