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"YES!" says Lucy:

"My bigger boobs are not the reason I'm writing this. Yes they are bigger, almost a cup size bigger already and as you can imagine I'm very pleased about that, but I've also found that my PMS has disappeared and that's even more pleasing as it's given me a lot of trouble recently. With my new boobs and my new found freedom from PMS I almost feel that I'm starting a new life."

"YES!" says Karon:

"I have taken Wonderup for several months and am very pleased with it's benefits. I noticed a reduction in PMS tension, a more regulated 28 day cycle with a shorter and lighter menstruation time, and also a noticeable improvement in my breasts which have become firmer and fuller - this was the reason for trying your product. As a 37 year old mother of 4, who nursed each child for a year, my breasts had lost their allure. This product, Wonderup, helped me to feel beautiful again."

"YES!" says Amanda:

"I saw a difference in my breasts after about 5 weeks and have gone on to gain 3 cm. As a result I recommended Wonderup to my mother, as she is going through a difficult menopause and had lost a lot of breast size because of it. Not only did Wonderup restore some of that size, but my mother found that her hot flashes lessened considerably. As you can imagine, she's very pleased indeed that I recommended Wonderup to her."

"YES!" says Tara:

"I am happy to report that having used Wonderup for one month only my breasts are clearly fuller and the difference is significant. But what is also pleasing is that the menopausal hot flashes I'm been getting have noticeably lessened. I wondered whether I could possibly benefit in this way and am so pleased that I have done so and within a month as well."

"YES!" says Elena:

"I didn't notice a size change yet, BUT one thing that is EVIDENT and DRAMATIC is how these herbs have eliminated ALL PMS SYMPTOMS! Ever since I started taking them, I don't experience any bloating, tenderness or discomfort in the days before my period. And I feel physically great. The only thing that has changed so far about my life is that I started taking those herbs, so I honestly think it has to do with them. And I don't think it is a placebo effect, because I wasn't expecting that kind of effect of the herbs in my body."

"YES!" says Mariella:

"I've had a significant improvement of my bustline, about 1.6 inches in growth and also noticeably firmer breasts. But in this product I was also looking for an improvement in general wellbeing - I am in menopause and used to suffer from the usual complaints (hot flashes, mood swings) and when I heard that this product worked for hormone balancing and therefore to alleviate these symptoms, I decided to try it. Now I can say that I have found a product that helps me feel better every day. Those awful menopausal symptoms are gone! And I feel more energetic and healthy. I'm really happy with my improved physical condition - and not only with my new looks!"

"YES!" says Barbara:

"I am impressed with Wonderup! Taking it has definitely increased the size and improved the shape of my breasts and I have also benefited from a shorter and lighter menstruation time (3 days rather than 5 days). I am very pleased, as you may imagine, and I thank you for a great product."

"YES!" says Maria:

"I have taken Wonderup for 2 months so far and it has given me a lot of extra firmness, which is good, but not any increased size. But I realise that some women need longer than this to become larger, so I am still continuing to take it and I hope to see further results. In the meantime I can report that the cramps I always get have noticeably lessened since I started Wonderup, which is a great bonus I wasn't expecting."

"YES!" says Maureen:

"After breast feeding twice in a row I felt that my breasts could do with something like Wonderup. I hadn't actually lost any size, but the breast feeding had made them empty looking, if that makes sense. But now they do seem to be recovering, as I have found that they are starting to look a bit fuller again. In addition I seem to have more energy now, so I think taking these tablets must be generally good for my body."

"YES!" says Lisa:

"Thanks for the results so far, as after 2 months my breasts are clearly fuller and also the bloating and the cramps I get each month have not been as bad as usual."

"YES!" says Erica:

"The change in my breasts has not been dramatically enhancing, though there's certainly been some improvement. I've also noticed that I seem to have more energy since I started Wonderup and my hair and skin seem to have benefited."

"YES!" says Denise:

"My results may not have been as fast as some, but Wonderup has still given me good benefits and a lot more confidence. I saw first signs at about 5 to 6 weeks and after 10 weeks I have gained more than half an inch. In addition I've seen a reduction in period pains which has made that time of the month a whole lot easier."


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