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MANPLUS can be taken by men of all ages suffering from low male libido who wish to reclaim their natural vigour and vitality and to strengthen their sexual desire and performance. The precious natural substances contained in the formulation also greatly assist the general welfare of the body and are of particular use in helping to boost the immune system.

Directions for use:
Take 2 tablets in the morning and 2 later in the day when most needed. A bottle of
MANPLUS contains 100 tablets, enough for a continuous use of 25 days if always taken at the recommended dose. In some cases taking only 2 tablets a day provides sufficient benefit, but it is nevertheless advisable for everyone to take the full recommended dose initially.

Since every man's constitution, metabolism and body chemistry are unique, herbal formulations such as MANPLUS work on an individual level, just like all natural remedies. Results therefore vary from one person to another, even after regular and constant use. However, more than half the men who were subjects for the tests on MANPLUS experienced a significant benefit after only one week of taking the product.

MANPLUS is a suitable and safe choice for your body, being formulated entirely from traditionally used health foods and tonics which are free of any side effects and have no known interactions with any foods, drinks, drugs or medications. These precious natural ingredients are described individually on a following page, "More About The Herbal Ingredients".



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