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Restore lost libido and revive your flagging sex drive!

Has your natural vigour deserted you? Have you noticed that your libido is lower or that your stamina has slumped? Could your sexual interest do with a boost? MANPLUS is an entirely natural formulation designed to reinvigorate a man's body and mind and put him back on track to a healthy sex drive.

MANPLUS combines the knowledge, practices and traditions of Mediterranean herbalism and Chinese medicine, using herbs renowned for acting as sexual tonics and for invigorating and strengthening the whole organism. The herbs are carefully selected and precisely blended to create the most effective formulation that a natural product can provide for rekindling desire and having a generally beneficial effect on a man's health and vitality.

Note that MANPLUS is not merely a single herb or a couple of herbs - it is a comprehensive dietary supplement formulated from no less than 14 natural ingredients! This may seem like an extraordinary number of ingredients for a preparation of this type, but MANPLUS was specifically created to be the most extensive formulation of its kind and the most complete natural product for libido enhancement and male health.

Explore these pages to discover more about MANPLUS and its precious natural ingredients. Even those who don't need to boost their sex drive can benefit from taking MANPLUS as its extensive combination of precious substances acts effectively as a general tonic to promote overall wellbeing.

This natural product for low male libido is 100% herbal. It is not a medicine or a drug and is not intended to treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease.

For further information you can e-mail us at: help@vortexhealth.com

Our address is: Vortex Health & Beauty Ltd, 54 Melville Court, Croft Street,
London SE8 5DR, UK

Our telephone no. is: (020) 7237 0071

Our fax no. is: (020) 7231 1463



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Find the fun aphrodisiacs recipe for chocolate heart cake. Read what wives say about low male libido. Try a fun quiz, how high is your sex drive? Don't forget that alternative natural health means herbal aphrodisiacs among other things....


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