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"YES!" says Theresa

"It's taken 8 months but I've increased in size by more than a cup. Just what I was hoping for! Needless to say people have noticed and commented on the difference."

"YES!" says Miriam

"As someone who would never undergo breast augmentation, I didn't take much persuading to try this herbal breast enhancement and I have found it well worthwhile to say the least. I first saw a change after about 8 weeks and have progressed gradually since then. I have gone from a very loose B cup to a very full B cup and best of all it's entirely natural!"

"YES!" says Dona:

"I had no results at all until the third month when all of a sudden Wonderup started working for me. Yes! I have started growing! I can measure the difference! It's taken a while but it's working very well for me now!"

"YES!" says Amber:

"After seeing no difference for the first month I was a little disappointed, but I know that my body is naturally slower than most other women which helped me and made me determined to keep going. I was rewarded immediately after I started the second month by growing pains in my chest. This I knew didn't mean that Wonderup was guaranteed to work, but it meant that something was happening which was a good sign. The pains continued for another month and now after having been taking the pills for three and a half months I am thrilled to finally see a half inch growth. It's not much but it does make a difference (I have found I have a lot more confidence now) and I will certainly keep taking Wonderup to see how much more I can grow. It is so nice to actually be able to fill out an unpadded bra for the first time. The only advice I can give to anyone else who is thinking of trying Wonderup is to BE PATIENT. It doesn't happen overnight and it may not be exactly what you hoped for."

"YES!" says Susan:

"I've completed 4 months of Wonderup and haven't seen any difference that I can measure so far. However, even though I haven't achieved anything measurable, I still feel that my breasts are better for having used Wonderup, because there is more shape there and seemingly more fullness, and they just look more like breasts than they did before. So I have for sure seen some benefit and I feel that there is hope of seeing more benefit if I carry on."

"YES!" says Valerie:

"Thank you for your product, Wonderup. It's taken a while, but I've had a significant growth of my bust, just about an inch now. This may not sound a lot, but I'm very pleased to have achieved that result and my sister is quite impressed too and is starting Wonderup herself. Even though my results are not that startling, I feel much more confident with my looks and I'm really glad I tried Wonderup."

"YES!" says Roisin:

"My progress has been slow but very steady and I have now reached the stage of being able to report a cup size increase. It's been worth the wait as a B cup, which I am now, is a world of difference from an A cup and my self-confidence has been boosted no end."

"YES!" says Ann:

"I've always had small breasts for my height and weight and am therefore delighted that Wonderup has increased their size. What's more it has not only increased size, but has definitely improved the shape of my breasts. Within 3 months I've gone from a very loose 34-B to a very filled out 34-B and am still growing. I feel better about my figure now, thank you."

"YES!" says Shirley:

"I've been taking this wonderful product for 3 months and have seen steady improvement to the point where I've almost gone up a size. What a method of breast augmentation! If that's the right word. It is definitely still working for me and I'm sure my bust will see further benefit. I should add that it's not just an improvement in size that I've seen, but better shape too, and in fact I would say that my breasts, which were a bit droopy before, are now really shaping up nicely."

"YES!" says Eileen:

"I've been a bit slow in my progress, but that might be because I wasn't very good at taking it in the early stages. During the first month I forgot to take the Wonderup herbal tablets a number of times and might have slowed myself down as a result, because I didn't see any change of any kind until about 10 weeks (or perhaps I'm just slower than average anyway). But now I've finished the recommended time of 3 months and I can say that something is definitely happening now. It's not very much yet, but it's enough to say that it can't be in my imagination. I don't know how much I will develop or how long it will take, but it goes without saying that I will keep on going to find out."

"YES!" says Claire:

"I'm pleased to report a size increase after 4 months of 1.3 inches."

"YES!" says L.R.:

"I've had 2 children and found that my breasts had badly lost shape, even if I was still all right for size. Now it's taken a little while, but taking the tablets and applying the cream has put some of that shape back again. They had developed an 'empty' kind of look, but now I'm filling out again and the cream is also very good for the breast skin, which was starting to look wrinkled. I think it's even possible that I could regain my previous shape completely."

"YES!" says Alison:

"In the 1st month of Wonderup nothing happened except I felt some tingling in my breasts. This continued in the second month, but I still saw nothing visible. Then in the 3rd month I eventually started getting fuller. In the 4th month this turned into growth I could actually measure. I'm just starting my 5th bottle now and I'm still increasing and am encouraged to continue. Thanks for the results so far, about half an inch, and let's see if I can achieve some more."

"YES!" says Theresa:

"After 2 months, I'm very pleased with the results I've obtained with Wonderup. The improvement in the firmness of my breasts is obvious and I seem to be developing a better shape too. There is no size increase as yet, but I still have hope of that. Even if it never happens my results have still been well worthwhile."

"YES!" says Anne:

"My results have been very modest, but there has been some development. Despite slow progress, as I needed into the third month to notice a difference, I would still recommend Wonderup to any woman as a safe and natural way to boosting looks and confidence. Even modest results are worthwhile and better than cosmetic surgery in my opinion."

"YES!" says Madeleine:

"My breasts are definitely fuller, but I was really hoping for more of a difference since I have completed the recommended 3 months of Wonderup. However, something still seems to be happening, and I've been getting a lot of tingling, so I think that if I continue there may still be more results to come."


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